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My name is Amanda Griffith;   I am a wife, mother, grandmother and a certified professional birth doula in the St. George, Utah, area.  I have given birth to four beautiful children of my own, three daughters and one son. I also have one son who was adopted through foster care. All my daughters' births were medicated in the hospital with all sorts of interventions, and my first son was a natural home birth.  Having been through those three hospital births in my twenties, and one home birth in my mid-thirties, it has really given me the amazing perspective and appreciation of just what a miracle birth is--no matter how or where it happens!  I never realized my own divine feminine power until that last birth, and fully appreciated having such an incredible team of women (and my husband, of course!) to bring my son into the world in a way that was of my choosing.  Having had the experience to personally help a few friends with birthing their babies at home and in the hospital before I ever knew what a doula was, along with all my clients since December 2018, I am eager to continue this passion for being a support to women through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Training and Experience Aside from a natural inclination to attend births in a hands on way for friends & family, I've completed several trainings. I believe that continuing my own education in any area related to birth will help me better help my clients.

Training and Experience

Basic Birth Doula Training

~Genesis Birth Co. w/Deanna Gordon (midwife)

    October 2018


Advanced Doula Training

~Genesis Birth Co. w/Deanna Gordon (midwife)

   July 2019


Empowered Birth Doula Training

~w/Trisha Baird (childbirth educator & doula trainer)

   February 2021


Spinning Babies 2-Day Workshop

~w/Nikki Zerfas (Spinning Babies Educator)

   August 2021


Breastfeeding Course

~w/Aditi Aromi (Lactation Specialist)

   October 2021

01. Connect

Get in touch with me through email, my website or social media outlets anytime.

02. Meet Up Consult

Once we have connected, I offer a complimentary consultation to talk about your birth plan and what you need! This can be done in person, or via zoom/facetime.

03. Go On Call

One you've decided to choose me as your doula, then I am at your disposal and am HERE for you 100%.